With membership being available to only 5% of the general population, LYRIQ offers a unique platform for highly intelligent writers to refine their talents.

LYRIQ understands that intelligence is as vital to the crafting of an original masterpiece as the creative process itself. 

We invite all passionate lyricists, poets and writers to seek membership in this exclusive society.

Those interested in networking with the talent at LYRIQ or are seeking further clarification regarding our society are invited to contact us via the 'Contact' page.

LYRIQ is an organization founded by Julien Arpin, an ardent lyricist and the World Genius Directory's 2017 Genius of the Year - America. LYRIQ is dedicated to the pursuit, development, and implementation of refined lyrical works.

LYRIQ will pursue philanthropic means to locate and empower intelligent individuals in unprivileged communities with informative resources to teach them skills to enrich their communities.